Worship Ministry Degrees - Worship Arts School at Grace Bible College
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Whether your calling is to be a worship leader at a local church or to travel as a musician, Grace Bible College’s Worship Arts School will help equip you to serve God in whatever capacity.

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The Worship Ministry Program at Grace Bible College will transform students with diverse musical and media abilities into creative multi-faceted artists who excel in creating biblically-grounded, thematically-focused, multi-sensory worship experiences. Our worship school will prepare students to engage generations of people through professional training in music and media production in addition to a strong foundation in Bible, theology, and general education.



The Worship Arts Program is designed to equip students to fulfill their call to serve God in leading others in authentic worship. As part of that goal, we must support this generation of worship leaders in speaking the language of today’s culture, a culture that is deeply rooted in music and contemporary media. The Worship School will therefore provide exceptional opportunities for worship leader training within first-rate facilities using the most current music and media resources available. Furthermore, students will benefit from caring and dedicated faculty members who will provide life-on-life mentoring both inside and outside the classroom. Through meaningful evaluation and creative assessments of learning outcomes, students will advance competently to graduation. Upon graduation from the Worship Ministry School, students will be confidently prepared to serve as worship leader, musician, and media personnel in a wide variety of ministry and employment positions.


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Grace Bible College receives top Music and Worship Arts award two years in a row!

Top 20 Worship Schools Award - Worship Leader Degrees - Worship Ministry Degrees

Top 20 Worship Schools Award - Worship Leader Degrees - Worship Ministry Degrees

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