Student Handbook



If you are looking for a learning community that seeks to please God, then Grace is for you.


Grace Bible College is a community of individuals who, through Christ, have a hope and calling to become more godly than we are presently. The focus of Christian growth is a deeper and more mature love for God. Observance of campus standards is not a formula for righteousness but rather serves to help the community in our lives together.

What we do to help us grow


Members of the Grace community participate in various practices which help us grow in our relationship to Christ. We attend Sunday morning church services to worship as part of a local body of believers. We attend chapel to worship as a campus community. We serve in Christian ministry to exercise the gifts God has given us and is developing in us. We also participate in various other opportunities for spiritual growth through prayer meetings, small groups, Bible study and worship times.


Avoiding obstacles to growth


Members of the Grace community commit to refrain from behaviors which may hinder spiritual growth. Specific behavior expectations are identified in the student handbook whether relating to biblical standards or areas important to Grace culture.


Grace Bible College Student Handbook 2017-2018

Students in a group photo