Interdisciplinary Studies

The Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies allows students to truly customize a degree program to fit their interests and plans. For this program of study, a student can focus on any of the following areas or can combine them in any way he or she chooses. The options are limitless!

Arts and Sciences … Students can further their knowledge and understanding of the humanities. This could include history, psychology, communication, art, education, and the list goes on.


Bible and Theology … The study of the Bible is foundational to every degree program offered by Grace Bible College. The Interdisciplinary Studies degree allows a student to expand on this groundwork in areas of interest in the Old or New Testaments, Biblical Languages, and Theology.


Ministry … Students can customize their studies even further than is possible through the General Ministry concentration, which allows even more creativity when designing this course of study.


This four-year degree program is excellent preparation for further graduate studies. Students will be required in their senior year to complete a scholarly paper/bachelor thesis, or applied project under the guidance of a faculty mentor in the chosen discipline of study. Anyone interested in this program of study should contact the Registrar’s Office to learn more and to make plans to optimize the time spent here at Grace Bible College.

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