Through a cooperative arrangement with Cornerstone University, students can pursue a degree in History. Students satisfying the program requirements will receive a Bachelor of Religious Education degree from Grace Bible College and a Bachelor of Arts from Cornerstone University.

In pursuing a History major, students develop a broad understanding of religious, American, European and nonwestern history, as well as the art of historical inquiry. The program is designed to assist students in developing a Christian perspective of history in recognition of the fact that God has worked throughout human history.


In addition to complete Grace Bible College’s core curriculum, which includes significant exposure to Biblical and Theological studies, students will complete a number of history-related courses including World Civilization, United States History, and Historiography. In addition, they will choose a number of electives:


  • American Colonial History
  • Early Church History
  • 20th Century American History
  • Renaissance and Reformation
  • Greece and Rome
  • Second Temple Judaism
  • Medieval History
  • History of the Ancient Near East
  • Early Modern Europe
  • Holocaust Literature
  • Europe Since 1815
  • Latin American History


Upon graduation, students are prepared to pursue graduate studies in history, law, ministry, as well as a variety of careers in Christian social service agencies, relief ministries, civil service and public administration.

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