Through Grace Bible College’s cooperative arrangement with Cornerstone University, students have the opportunity to develop the knowledge, skills and disciplines necessary for a career in elementary and secondary education. Students satisfying the program requirements will receive a Bachelor of Religious Education degree from GBC and a Bachelor of Arts from Cornerstone University.

These degree programs afford students the means to achieve the following learning outcomes:


  • A developed and integrated Christian philosophy which will guide their living, learning and teaching.
  • Mastery of the essential academic skills of critical thinking and communication.
  • Enrollment in a carefully sequenced program designed to help them master subject specific teaching methods.
  • Familiarity with technological applications to assist them in preparing and presenting effective classroom teaching and management.
  • Opportunities for practical experience through observing, aiding, and teaching.
  • A firm grasp of foundational biblical knowledge through a strong Bible and theology emphasis.


Upon graduation, students will be entitled to apply for certification from the State of Michigan and/or states which grant reciprocal certificates to Michigan graduates.

Student studying at table