Youth Ministry

It takes more than a guitar and fun activities to be effective in today’s youth culture. Young people need godly examples who are able to understand their struggles and then point them to the Word of God, the one sure rock during turbulent times. The youth ministry concentration will prepare you to effectively lead the next generation of students.

Our Youth Ministry degree is a four-year program of study designed to prepare you for a position in a church, para-church ministry, camping ministry or an urban youth ministry. You will earn a Bachelor of Science in Biblical Studies with a concentration in Youth Ministry. Thus it shares a common core of Biblical and Ministry courses with our concentrations in Pastoral, Intercultural, and General Ministry, while also providing you with the knowledge and skills you will need to lead exciting ministries designed to impact the youth of our churches and communities.


Coming to Grace to study youth ministry has several distinct advantages. First, with years of experience in successful ministry, our instructors want to pass these lessons on to you. Second, our many ministry options will provide you with immediate opportunities to be get involved in the lives of students. And best of all, you will be equipped to become the kind of leader youth will trust and respect.


Core Classes:

  • Introduction to Youth Ministry
  • Philosophy of Youth Ministry
  • Youth Evangelism and Discipleship
  • Issues and Culture of Today’s Youth
  • Youth Ministry Management
  • Youth Ministry in Contemporary Culture
  • Practicum in Youth Ministry


Elective Classes:

  • Middle School Ministry
  • Camping and Retreat Ministries
  • Teaching Youth
  • Popular Music and Youth Culture
  • Independent Study in Youth Ministry

Students enrolled in our Youth Ministry degree program at Grace Bible College will identify significant issues and trends in contemporary culture (especially youth culture) and develop biblical responses and ministry strategies in response to those trends. In order to prepare for service in local churches, students will develop a holistic philosophy of youth ministry that includes biblical, theological, and philosophical foundations. Courses contained in the Youth Ministry degree program will help the student to develop the important tools, methods, and resources necessary in the field of youth ministry, and implement them in ways that enable students to fulfill their specific ministry calling.