Global Communication

The Global Communication concentration equips students to work and communicate effectively cross-culturally. 


Through this concentration, you will be prepared with intercultural communication, interpersonal communication, and culture and conflict management skills to thrive in the 21st century global community. This concentration could provide you with the edge needed to secure a position in a competitive job market – a job market that includes a diverse environment. The Global Communication concentration can be taken with the Biblical Studies, Human Services or Business degree programs.

Career Opportunities Include:

  • Missionary
  • Ministry Trainer
  • International Business Sales Manager
  • Social Media Coordinator
  • Public Relations Specialist
  • Community Development Coordinator
  • Child Services Case Manager
  • Refugee/Migrant Advocate
  • Adoption Social Worker

Course Descriptions:

Global Communication

This course introduces students to global communication by exploring issues related to intercultural communication practices from a biblical perspective. It examines the important role of social, cultural, and historical context in human interactions.

Interpersonal Communications

This course focuses on the importance of interpersonal communication and the common barriers that confound relationships such as culture, conflict, gender, and perception of differences. Students will evaluate current relationships from a Christian worldview and from that foundation identify strategies for strengthening personal and professional influences for mission/vision-minded goals.

Cross Cultural Leadership and Teamwork

This course examines effective leadership and teamwork across cultures. What may be understood as effective or valued in one culture may not be effective or valued in another. Exploring biblical cultural leadership and teamwork characteristics, and key reasons for differences, provides students with a framework for communicating and leading in a diverse world.

Culture and Conflict Management

This course provides students with a basic overview of conflict resolution. The history, methods, and theory of conflict resolution will be explored. Fundamental strategies in conflict literature, competitive versus collaborative negotiation, will be examined in the context of culture and a Christian worldview.

Cross Cultural Internship

A supervised experience in an approved cross-cultural environment. The student will be guided through self-evaluation in skills and personal aptitude for communicating within another culture. The 3-6 week Internship is typically organized the summer prior to senior year.


“Communication opens minds, hearts and doors. I am passionate about the Global Communication Concentration because it provides a biblically-based combination of theory and practice allowing students to connect with people from diverse cultural backgrounds in meaningful ways. By developing strong verbal, nonverbal and written communication skills, students in the Global Communication Concentration will be prepared to transform the world for God’s glory.”

Pamela Sherstad, Associate Professor of Communication