Criminal Justice

Grace Bible College’s Criminal Justice program combines the best of the Human Services major with a criminal justice concentration, giving a broad overview of the field and the unique challenges of law enforcement and the criminal justice system. The mission of the Criminal Justice program is to provide a biblically-informed, interdisciplinary education in the human services field, having theoretical knowledge and application for real-world Christian service.

The Bachelor of Science in Human Services with a Criminal Justice concentration has been constructed considering the need for a Christian bachelor degree program that dually meets the needs of preparing individuals to serve Christ and society within the context of the criminal justice system. The strategic vision of the program is supported within the Grace Bible College Human Service program, providing multidisciplinary course work (Bible, theology, psychology, sociology, criminal justice) as well as training in Christian worldview and ethical decision-making. The criminal justice concentration has been built upon this foundation based on core values and ideas shared through the advisory committee consisting of federal and local law enforcement, community leaders/ministers and academics from three institutions of higher learning.


A unique feature of Grace Bible College’s program is that the criminal justice concentration is built upon and embedded within the human services major, allowing graduates to additionally pursue employment in human services settings (mental health, foster care) in addition to criminal justice settings. This is considered a strength of the program in preparing students for a variety of job opportunities following graduation, as well as preparing sensitive professionals who understand and can respond to people from diverse walks of life. Another factor in developing a criminal justice concentration within the human services degree is the understanding that those pursuing sworn law enforcement careers will also require a post-graduation police academy to be licensable as a police officer, which will provide legal and applied learning opportunities. Those seeking graduate school or other (non-sworn) criminal justice work such as probation will be prepared for graduate work in the areas of criminal justice, counseling or social work.

Student studying

Courses include:

  • Introduction to Criminal Justice
  • Law Enforcement and Corrections
  • Criminology and Social Deviance
  • Juvenile Law and Delinquency
  • Survival Psychology