Do you want to become a pilot? Are you interested in missions? Now you can get your Associates Degree from Grace Bible College and a Pilot’s Certificate or Airframe and Powerplant Maintenance (A&P) Certificate from SMAT (School of Missionary Aviation Technology) in three years, saving you more time and money than other competitive programs.

All missions agencies require some formal Bible and theological training prior to placement. You can now graduate in three years with your Pilot’s or Aviation Maintenance Certificate along with the required Bible training, as well as an Associates degree!

2-year Associates Degree at Grace Bible College
(Residential Undergraduate OR Adult Online)


Focuses on the following areas of study: 

Arts and Sciences

You will be able to further your knowledge and understanding of the subjects that are foundational to all higher education, including history, psychology, oral and written communication, and the fine arts.


Bible and Theology

Grace Bible College believes in biblical higher education. Recognizing that God is the source of all truth, we seek to teach every subject in light of the truths of Scripture. This is especially true of our courses in Bible and theology. At Grace, you will learn about the Bible and the Christian life, as well as have opportunities to learn such practical skills such as witnessing and teaching the Word of God.


1-Year Aviation Training Programs at the School of Missionary Aviation Technology


You choose:
1. Aviation Flight Training

Flight training is offered to students wishing to train for a career in missionary aviation or to work at upgrading proficiency. Cessna aircraft are used for both basic and advanced pilot training. By flying with instructors who understand mission agency requirements, candidates scheduled for a mission evaluation are afforded the opportunity to enhance their flying skills.

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Pilot training that meets Missions Aviation best practices rather than FAA minimums.


2. Aviation Maintenance Training(A&P) Program

A 12-month comprehensive course in Airframe and Powerplant (A&P) Mechanics is offered to students with an interest in aircraft maintenance. The program is FAA approved and provides training and preparation for the FAA written, oral, and practical mechanics tests.

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All classes are taught by Christian professors who are devoted to seeing the Body of Christ come to life in the aviation industry.


Graduate Placement

Graduates of the SMAT programs may be given an opportunity to exercise their newly developed skills in a controlled training atmosphere. A one year placement in SMAT’s maintenance facility is offered to a limited number of our students to further assist them in confidence building through real world aircraft maintenance experiences.

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Obtaining your Associates Degree from Grace Bible College and your Pilot’s or your Airframe and Powerplant Maintenance (A&P) Certificate from SMAT (School of Missionary Aviation Technology) allows you to get on the mission field sooner and for a lower cost!


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