Choosing a college is a big decision which impacts your future. We want you to gain an authentic picture of Grace Bible College through the enrollment process. Feel free to contact the Enrollment office at 616.538.2330 or graceadmissions@gbcol.edu with any questions. We are here to help you however we can!

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General Information

1011 Aldon ST SW

Wyoming, MI 49509

Phone: (616) 538-2330

Toll free: (800) 968-1887

Fax: (616) 538-0599

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Enrollment Office


Hector Belmont

Undergrad Enrollment Advisor

Phone: (616) 250-5361

Email: hbelmont@gbcol.edu

Alexander Bradley

Alexander Bradley

Director of Enrollment

Phone: 616-261-8596

Email: abradley@gbcol.edu


Josh Foggy

Enrolllment Operations Assistant

Phone: (616) 264-6652

Email: jfoggy@gbcol.edu


Kate Lozon

Undergrad Enrollment Advisor

Phone: (616) 915-3199

Email: klozon@gbcol.edu


Briana Stacy

Enrollment Operations Assistant

Phone: (616) 261-8571

Email: bbailey@gbcol.edu


Hilary Vegh

Undergrad Enrollment Advisor

Phone: (616) 261-8554

Email: hvegh@gbcol.edu

Allison Verhine

Allison Verhine

Assistant Director of Enrollment

Phone: 616-538-1520

Email: averhine@gbcol.edu

Financial Aid Office

Jody Ferguson

Jody Ferguson

Financial Aid Specialist

Phone: (616) 264-6651

Email: jferguson@gbcol.edu

Megan Patten

Megan Patten

Financial Aid Specialist

Phone: (616) 261-8579

Email: mpatten@gbcol.edu

Kurt Postma

Kurt Postma

Director of Financial Aid

Phone: (616) 261-8557

Email: kpostma@gbcol.edu