Grace Bible College seeks to serve the greater needs of church and society by offering a number of undergraduate degrees in our traditional program. Our education is powerful, personable, and relevant to the needs of the 21st century while also reflecting the timeless truths of Scripture, which are at the heart of all we teach here at Grace Bible College.


Grace Bible College takes a different academic approach than most universities, even other Christian colleges. Our two-year and four-year degree tracks are designed to equip you for more than a job, or even a career. They will prepare you to make the most of your talents and follow a calling. Our Christ-centered biblical core will lead to a greater understanding of the world around you, and the strengths within you.

Grace’s academic programs serve the evolving needs of church and society by offering a well-rounded education to students who accept the timeless truths of Scripture. Regardless of which major a student pursues, there will be a biblical foundation delivered by inspired instructors who we treat as a “living curriculum.” This means our faculty members are committed to serving as role models, engaging minds and hearts, and preparing students with the tools to pursue a calling

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