Meet the President

Ken Kemper graduated from Grace Bible College in 1985 and has served in vocational Christian Ministry his whole life. Ken has a Masters of Divinity from Grand Rapids Theological Seminary, and an Honorary Doctorate from American Christian College.

Ken is the President of Grace Bible College in Grand Rapids, Michigan, since taking over for his father in 2003. He has a passion for courageously serving the Lord and has been given many great opportunities around the world to be “in the trenches” in full-time ministry roles. He, along with his wife, Kathy, and three children served 16 years in Tanzania, East Africa. In Africa they did evangelism and church planting as well as developing spiritual leadership. Teaching by action and service learning leading to transformation are important to Ken’s philosophy of ministry and education. Ken led hundreds of evangelistic endeavors and trained evangelists to do personal and open-air mass evangelism. Ken is an able communicator of God’s Word who speaks in churches, at mission conferences and banquets.



Bachelor of Theology from Grace Bible College – 1985
Master of Divinity from Grand Rapids Baptist Seminary – 1997
Doctor of Laws from American Christian College – 2005


Educational Experience:

Founded & Headed Tanzania Grace Bible
Institute in Sumbawanga, Tanzania – 1992
Began and acted as Head Administrator of Grace College in Mbeya, Tanzania – 2000



Served as a mission leader in Tanzania over 16 years with Grace Ministries International

Ken and Kathy Kemper