Choosing a college is a big decision which impacts your future. We want to make sure you gain an authentic picture of Grace Bible College through the enrollment process. Feel free to contact us with any questions. We want to help you however we can!


Kyle Bohl

Associate VP for Community Life and Dean of Students

Phone: (616) 261-8527

Email: kbohl@gbcol.edu

Steven Gowdy

Stephen Gowdy

VP for Institutional Advancement

Phone: (616) 261.8565

Email: sgowdy@gbcol.edu

Sherea Lacy

Sherea Lacy

Associate VP of Talent Management

Phone: (616) 264-6650

Email: slacy@gbcol.edu

Kim Pilieci

Kim Pilieci


Phone: (616) 264-6665

Email: kpilieci@gbcol.edu

Brian Sherstad

Brian Sherstad

Executive Vice President

Phone: (616) 261-8572

Email: bsherstad@gbcol.edu


Zak Sorensen

Associate VP of Marketing

Phone: (616) 530-7755

Email: zsorensen@gbcol.edu

Joyce Storms

Joyce Storms

Executive Assistant to the President

Phone: (616) 261-8573

Email: jstorms@gbcol.edu

Doug Vriesman

Doug Vriesman

VP of Finance & Business Services

Phone: (616) 261-1877

Email: dvriesman@gbcol.edu