Grace Bible College believes that academic rigor is crucial at every level of higher education, and that it is especially necessary at the graduate level. Your courses will require a high level of critical, synthetic, evaluative and creative thinking.

In order to facilitate this high level of cognitive and affective learning in the online environment, graduate level courses are designed with the following priorities:


Engagement & Interactivity


You will spend quality time engaged with the course material, fellow students, and your professors as you delve into the studies necessary to further and expand your ministry.


Online Presence


You will find that the course content and activities necessitate a consistent online learning presence. You will also discover that course professors will provide a significant social and cognitive teaching presence in the online environment.

Learning Community


Opportunities will be provided for students to interact with and review one another’s work, which is a good way to stay connected with the online community. Weekly discussion forums will promote engagement, critical reflection, and dialogue, while team-based projects and case-studies will encourage the collaborative construction of knowledge as students engage with one another and class content.




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