The goal of the Grace ACE is to provide students with tools that will help them be successful in their academics and in their future vocations.  Through the Grace ACE, students will find academic services and resources that will enhance their ability to produce quality work.  Explore the website and find the resource that meets your need!

The Grace Academic Center for Excellence (Grace ACE) has many services to help students succeed academically.


Makeup quizzes and tests: Proctoring for makeup quizzes and test takes place in Academic Office in the Jack T. Dean Academic Center.
Online Writing Lab:  The Grace Online Writing Lab (Grace OWL) provides the opportunity for students to either have a paper reviewed by a writing tutor, or have a face-to-face tutoring session with a writing tutor.
Strategies for Academic Success:  This course provides students with Peer Academic Coaches and Academic Tutors who empower students to achieve their academic goals.
Study Skills:  This portion of the website is updated regularly with empirically proven study skills tools.
Supplemental Instruction:  Supplemental Instruction (SI) is offered in historically difficult courses.




Stop in at the library! We are here to help you succeed! If you have any concerns and need to speak with someone directly please Contact Dawn Rodgers-De Fouw, Director of Academic Support at 616-264-6653.

There are a variety of reasons students need to make up a quiz or test.  As soon as you know you need to make up a quiz or a test, let your professor know!

The ability to write well is not a gift of the Spirit. Wisdom, however, is a gift of the Spirit, and wisdom will tell you that getting help with your writing will help you communicate well, and help you earn better grades!

Studying is an essential component to your academic success, personal development, and career goals. Here at Grace Bible College we want to help you continue to develop the God-given gifts, talents, and strengths that you have been imbued with.

Supplemental Instruction (SI) targets historically difficult courses such as Old Testament, New Testament, and Math and provides peer-led study sessions to help students better understand and retain information presented in class.