Glad tidings of Great Joy

Glad tidings of Great Joy

gbc_crossWe hear this all the time during the Christmas season in regard to the celebration of our Savior’s birth.   We certainly celebrate in many ways.   On our campus this week I see joy on the faces of our students and hear the joy in their voices as they finish their daily final exams.  On Wednesday, a bunch of freshmen burst into the Student Commons from the cold, falling snow.  They were excited to have just completed their Old Testament final exam.  One student said, “Oh, that wasn’t so hard, I knew the answers!”  Another piped up, “I got 39 points for sure!”  I inquired, “Was that for the Books of the Bible?”  “Yes, in order, even the minor prophets!” was her response.  To which I asked, “Even Hezekiah?”  She only nodded slyly at my “misdirection” query.

I love to see the exuberance in this age group as they accomplish major milestones, such as the completion of another semester.  They have worked very hard, helped one another, and consumed copious amounts of coffee!

In the library, I conversed with students diligently trying to finish up their final papers for many upper-division courses.  They are “hunkered down” to give additional time to their work.  The snowy, cold, and blustery weather certainly diminishes the distraction level for students, however, those who commute to class, as well as our faculty and staff, need to exercise caution and plan on extra time in travel. Please be in prayer for all of our students who return home this weekend for safety on the roads as more snow is forecasted for our area.

Thank you for praying and being involved in any way with the education of this new generation of ministers!  I love to learn of their plans for service.  I was stopped by one student yesterday, asking me to pray for her and with her about her summer mission trip planned for the end of the academic year in April.  Praise God for His faithfulness in calling these young men and women to serve, and for their tender hearts receptive to His calling.

Please also pray with us for our very important year-end giving which happens at this time of year.  We are in need of very strong giving this month from ministry partners like you who believe in this work, and desire to see it go forward.  Our donation numbers are significantly lagging behind this year.  We ask you to pray with us and consider a financial gift before the 2017 calendar year is completed.

God Bless Your Home With Glad Tidings Of Great Joy!

Ken Bruce Kemper