Student Services



Grace Bible College strives to create an engaging online community. As an online student, it can be easy to feel isolated. The Graduate Studies area makes every effort to help you feel connected to the people and services that will help you succeed. From chapel podcasts to help with library research and paper writing, we’re here to support you and help you to stay actively engaged with the GBC community.

In accordance with Section 508 Regulations, Grace Bible College is committed to providing a rich and comprehensive learning experience for all distance-learning students taking online courses who may need accommodations. The core of our policies for ensuring equal access is shared expectations between distance learners and faculty teaching online about how course material will be presented in a manner that is consistent and accessible to all of Grace Bible College’s students.


Requesting Accommodations:

  • Fill out and submit the Accommodations Form
  • Submit any IEP, 1040 or professional diagnosis documentation
  • Your request will be presented to the Academic Dean for approval
  • You will be notified of all approved accommodations

Throughout the academic year, various speakers are invited to visit the Grace Bible College campus, where they address undergraduate students at Baker Chapel. As a service to our online students, we provide these messages in a podcast format.

Grace Bible College has partnered with the Center for Empowerment Coaching. As a student of Grace Bible College you have the opportunity to enroll in both the Online Empowerment Coaching Training and the 6 week Coaching Practicum at no cost to you ($1,000 value), which will equip you to empower others in your ministry.

Grace Bible College is committed to providing the tools and services needed to help students succeed in their studies. The GradOWL is an online service for students to submit papers to be reviewed by qualified tutors and to receive feedback to aid in the completion of assignments.

The Library of Grace Bible College exists to augment, enhance and facilitate the academic pursuits of students and faculty. The Library is continually expanding its resources to support the curriculum and promote student academic success.


Library Resources for Students Include:


Microsoft Office


As part of GBC’s licensing agreement with Microsoft, all students of Grace Bible College may download MS Office for up to 5 devices for free. Request a Microsoft Office account.



The course management system used by Grace Bible College for all of our online classes is Blackboard. This is the primary way in which you will access your classroom content and submit assignments.


Student Email

Students will be provided with a Grace Bible College Gmail account. This email will be used for all communication to and from the school and within your classes.


Student Portal


The Student Portal will provide students with access to unofficial transcripts, business office accounts, and more.


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