Pursue your calling to lead in a church or para-church ministry.



The Leadership and Ministry degree is for adults involved in or preparing for ministry as a vocation. Students are challenged to think Biblically about all aspects of life, develop spirituality in themselves and others, enhance their ministry skills and engage with the world. The curriculum mixes practical and theoretical knowledge through classroom work, research, and real world experience.


Career Opportunities:


This degree is applicable in any career field, but it does have special relevance to church and para-church ministries emphasizing leadership, preaching, teaching and general ministry skills, as well as for students interested in graduate school and seminary training.

Core Classes

Semester 1

GEN 322 Research and Concept Development Skills 3
LEA 374 Working with Teams 3
BIB 342 Life of Christ 3
LEA 372 Organizational Leadership 3

Semester 2

MIN 362 Marketplace Ministry 3
THE 454 Knowing God 3
HUM 332 Personal and Social Ethics 3
THE 352 Biblical Theology of Leadership 3

Semester 3

BIB 442 Letters of Paul 3
MIN 464 Pastoral Care 3
MIN 462 Teaching and Preaching 3
LEA 472 Mobilization of Volunteers 3

Semester 4

BIB 344 Redemption in the Old Testament 3
THE 452 Studies in Dispensationalism 3
MIN 466 Biblical Counseling 3
LEA 478 Ministry and Leadership Capstone 3

Total Credits


What Students Love

  • Experienced and highly rated faculty
  • A stimulating academic environment
  • Cohort groups with an average of 14 students provide maximum interaction and support from instructors
  • Cohorts meet online in an efficient, accelerated program
  • Students from a variety of cultures and ministry backgrounds


Admission Requirements:




  • Varies depending on transfer credits.  Roughly 24 months to complete bachelor credits (48 core, 12 concentration).



  • 60 bachelor credits (48 core, 12 concentration), 120 total credits required to graduate with a bachelor’s degree.