Pursue your calling to serve others in a professional setting.



The Associate of Arts in Human Services lays a foundation for adults interested in a position focused on serving individuals, families and society. Its purpose is to develop practitioners who are biblically-informed, ethical thinkers who can practically apply their knowledge to serving others in society. The program seeks to prepare professionals who can meet the needs of diverse communities with integrity and sensitivity, and be prepared for a further education and life-long learning.


Career Opportunities:


This degree is applicable in many career fields, but it is especially designed for organizations and non-profits that focus on human services, such as education, recreation, corrections, social services, and business.

Core Classes

Semester 1

GEN 121 Personal and Bible Study Skills 3
BUS 115 Introduction to Computers 3
GEN 123 College Writing and Research 3
HUM 133 Philosophy and Worldview 3

Semester 2

SPE 200 Oral Communication 3
SOC 123 Empowerment Coaching 3
BIB 143 New Testament Survey 3
HUM 131 Introduction to Psychology 3

Semester 3

GEN 221 Exploring God’s World 3
HUM 231 World Civilizations 3
HUM 233 Cultural Diversity 3
FIN 105 Personal & Finance Management 3

Semester 4

THE 256 Christian Theology I 3
LEA 171 Introduction to Leadership 3
MIN 261 Discipling & Mentoring in the Christian Faith 3
SOC 251 Principles of Sociology 3

Semester 5

SOC 255 Introduction to Human Services 3
CJS 251 Introduction to Criminal Justice 3
PSY 236 Developmental Psychology 3
SOC 295 Human Services Case Study 3

Total Credits


What Students Love

  • Experienced and highly rated faculty
  • A stimulating academic environment
  • Cohort groups with an average of 14 students provide maximum interaction and support from instructors
  • Cohorts meet 100% online in an efficient, accelerated program
  • Students from a variety of cultures and ministry backgrounds


Admission Requirements:


  • Admissions Application free to apply
  • Official Transcripts from all prior colleges where the student wishes to transfer college credits.



  • 24 months



  • 60 Credits