The desire of the Adult & Graduate Programs at Grace Bible College is to provide an excellent context in which you can pursue an education in order to further your calling and enhance your effectiveness in your God-given vocation.




60 credits, roughly 24 months







(2 years at GBC, 1 year at S.M.A.T.)




120 credits, 48 months or less depending on transfer credits

Bachelor Degree Concentrations

12 credits, Pick your Bachelor Degree and add a unique concentration

Adult Development and Aging
PSY 361 Psychology & Culture of Aging 3
PSY 467 Memory Loss and Aging 3
PSY 365 Long-Term Care System 3
PSY 363 End-of-Life Matters 3
Total Credits 12
BUS 430 Management of Marketing 3
BUS 465 Finance & Budgeting for Managers 3
BUS 470 Personnel Development 3
ECO 305 Introduction to Economics 3
Total Credits 12
Criminal Justice
PSY 325 Social Psychology 3
CJS 330 Law Enforcement & Corrections 3
CJS 350 Criminology & Social Deviance 3
CJS 370 Juvenile Law & Delinquency 3
Total Credits 12
Human Services
SOC 356 Marriage & Family 3
PSY 310 Abnormal Psychology 3
PSY 349 Theories & Foundations in Counseling 3
PSY 456 Survival Psychology 3
Total Credits 12
Leadership & Ministry
BIB 442 Letter of Paul 3
MIN 462 Teaching & Preaching 3
LEA 472 Mobilization of Volunteers 3
MIN 464 Pastoral Care 3
Total Credits 12


MKT 265 Social Media Marketing 3
MKT 310 Information Technology for Marketers 3
MKT 315 Advertising and Promotions 3
MKT 435 Marketing Research 3
Total Credits 12
PSY 339 Health Psychology 3
PSY 310 Abnormal Psychology 3
PSY 456 Survival Psychology 3
PSY 461 Physiological Psychology 3
Total Credits 12
Women's Ministry
WOM300 The Role of Women in Church Administration and Leadership 3
WOM350 Leadership Development & Strategies for Women 3
WOM401 Women of the Bible and Christian History 3
WOM451 Women’s Ministry Today 3
Total Credits 12
Youth Ministry
YTH300 Philosophy and Theology of Youth Ministry 3
YTH351 Trends in Youth Ministry 3
YTH401 Biblical Patterns for Student Outreach 3
YTH451 Principles for Leading Youth Ministry 3
Total Credits 12

Uncertain what you want to study?
We’ve got you covered.


Our Associate of Arts in General Studies allows you to fulfill general education requirements and explore major options for a bachelor’s degree while earning an associate’s degree. Contact us to learn more.




36 credits, roughly 20 months




In order to facilitate a high level of cognitive and affective learning in the online environment, our courses are designed with the following priorities:

Engagement & Interactivity


You will spend quality time engaged with the course material, fellow students, and your professors as you delve into the studies necessary to further and expand your ministry.


Online Presence


You will find that the course content and activities necessitate a consistent online learning presence. You will also discover that course professors will provide a significant social and cognitive teaching presence in the online environment.


Learning Community


Opportunities will be provided for students to interact with and review one another’s work, which is a good way to stay connected with the online community. Weekly discussion forums will promote engagement, critical reflection, and dialogue, while team-based projects and case-studies will encourage the collaborative construction of knowledge as students engage with one another and class content.