Scholarships & Grants

A recipient of a Grace Bible College institutional scholarship must be enrolled full-time on GBC’s campus. Scholarships amounts are divided equally into two semesters, Fall and Spring. Students who are dual enrolled with Grace and another institution may have some scholarships prorated.


Scholarships and grants are the most desirable types of funding to receive, since they don’t need to be repaid. Scholarships are awarded by the College and/or other outside sources, while grants come from Federal and State sources.


For more information about scholarships at Grace Bible College, please click on the links below:

Awana Achievers Scholarship
Citation Achievement:  $750 per year ($375 each semester)
 Meritorious Achievement:  $600 per year ($300 each semester)
 Timothy Achievement:  $500 per year ($250 each semester)
The student is responsible to provide the school with a copy of their “AWANA Achievement.” Recipient must be enrolled full time on GBC campus.
Christian Workers’ Scholarship (GGF)
  • $9000 per year, if living in Grace-owned housing and on the Food Plan.
  • $4500 per year, if living off campus, or in Grace-owned housing but NOT on the Food Plan.


Student must be a dependent child of the primary wage earner who is serving full-time as:


a) GBC faculty and staff,

b) Pastor of GGF affiliated church or ordained by the GGF who is pastoring a Grace church (in GGF directory)

c) GGF missionary who is active in ministry.

This scholarship requires a letter from the organization, written on their letterhead, indicating which family member is employed full-time with the organization. To be approved by the Scholarship Committee.


After the fourth semester, a student must have earned an accumulative GPA of 2.00 to remain eligible for this scholarship.


Note for Dual Degree Students: The Christian Workers scholarship only applies to classes taken on the Grace Bible College campus. If you are enrolled in a dual degree program with Cornerstone or Davenport Universities, the Christian Workers scholarship will be reduced based on the GBC classes only.

Church Matching Scholarship

This is a great way for a student’s home church to help them with college finances. Churches can provide any dollar amount, and Grace Bible College will match up to $500 per year ($250 per semester) for undergraduate students enrolled 6 hours or more. Click here to print the Church Matching Award Application. Award applications must be filed each academic year.

Dependents of Alumni Scholarship

$1000 ($500 per semester) – The student and the Alumni parent must complete the scholarship application.  The student must be a dependent child of a GBC Alumni.  Eligibility is restricted to only Alumni who completed 60 or more credit hours at GBC. Student is not eligible if Alumni parent owes a balance to GBC. This scholarship is not available to dependents of faculty/staff.

Dependents of Part- Time GBC Adjunct

$2,500 ($1,250 per semester) – This scholarship is available to students who are a dependent of any GBC Adjunct professor who is teaching three or more credit hours.  If a recipient is also eligible for the Returning Student Scholarship, then only the greater of the two scholarships will be awarded.  Student must have a 2.00 Cumulative GPA by the 4th semester.  Scholarship is prorated for less than full time enrollment.  To verify eligibility, the student must contact the Financial Aid Office.

Early Application Scholarship

$500 ($250 per semester) is awarded to all entering students who submit their application on or before September 1st prior to their senior year in high school.

Honors Scholarship

This award is given to incoming freshmen, according to their High School GPA and ACT/SAT composite. Student must be enrolled full time (12 or more credits on GBC campus)
Please use the chart below to see how we determine the scholarship amounts.

Scholarship Amount:
 10 points = Outstanding Scholar $8,500
8-9 pts = Presidential $6,000
6-7 pts = Trustee $4,500
4-5 pts = Dean’s $3,500
1-3 pts = Faculty $2,500
High School GPA:
3.95 – 4.0+ = 5 points
3.5 – 3.94 = 4 pts
3.2 – 3.49 = 3 pts
2.6 – 3.19 = 2 pts
2.0 – 2.59 = 1 pt
ACT Composite:
28-36 = 5 points
25-27 = 4 pts
21-24 = 3 pts
18-20 = 2 pts
16-17 = 1 pt
SAT (current 1600 scale):
1250-1600 = 5 points
1130-1240 = 4 pts
980-1120 = 3 pts
860-970 = 2 pts
770-850 = 1 pt
Junior Achievement Scholarship

$1200 ($600 per semester) This scholarship is a one-time scholarship for an incoming student who has received this citation. The student is responsible to notify the school about the award. Recipient must be enrolled full time on GBC campus.

Multiple Family Member Scholarship

$500 per year ($250 per semester) will be awarded if two or more dependent students from one family (living in the same household) are attending Grace Bible College. Those receiving the Christian Worker’s Scholarship are not eligible. This scholarship is prorated for GBC credit hours only.

One Wyoming Scholarship

$3,000 ($1,500 per semester) – Up to 10 scholarships will be awarded each year to a high school graduate from one of the following high schools in Wyoming, MI: Godfrey-Lee, Godwin Heights, Kelloggsville, The Potter’s House, West Michigan Lutheran, and Wyoming Public. Students must enroll at GBC either the year of high school graduation or the year after high school graduation. Student must be enrolled full time, maintain satisfactory academic progress and continue in good standing according to GBC’s student handbook.

Part-Time GBC Adjunct and Spouses

$2,500 ($1,250 per semester) – This scholarship is available to any GBC Adjunct professor (or spouse of an Adjunct professor), if the Adjunct professor is teaching  three or more credit hours.  If a recipient is also eligible for the Returning Student Scholarship, then only the greater of the two scholarships will be awarded.  Student must have a 2.00 Cumulative GPA by the 4th semester.  Scholarship is prorated for less than full time enrollment.  To verify eligibility, the student must contact the Financial Aid Office.

Returning Student & New Transfer Student Academic Scholarship

finEligibility for receiving this award is based on the student’s final cumulative GPA, chapel attendance and ministry requirements. To qualify, students must be registered before the Spring registration deadline, which is set by the Registrar. Students must be enrolled full time at Grace Bible College. Dual enrolled students are eligible, but students who are dual enrolled with GRCC will have their awards prorated based on the amount of GBC courses they take.

Scholarships are based on the following scale:
4.00 = $8,500
3.70 – 3.99 = $6,000
3.30 – 3.69 = $4,500
2.40 – 3.29 = $3,500
Worship Arts Scholarship

This scholarship is available for students enrolled in the Worship Arts Program, and over 4 years eligible students could be awarded up to $6400.


Award amounts are $1,200 per year ($600 per semester), or $1600 per year ($800 per semester). Eligibility is based on an audition with the Worship Arts faculty, along with the completion of a Worship Arts Scholarship application and essay. Auditions can be made in person, mailed DVD, or YouTube video. Recipients must be enrolled as a full-time student (12 or more credits). This scholarship will be awarded one year at a time and is renewable if the student maintains a GPA of 2.5 or higher within their Worship Arts courses.


Please complete the Worship Arts Scholarship Application and return it to:

OR mail to:

Worship Arts Scholarship
Attn: Jason Werkema
Grace Bible College
1011 Aldon St.
Grand Rapids, MI 49509


For more information on Federal grants, visit



For information on Michigan grants, visit Awards are based on available state funding and are contingent on legislative approval.