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Here’s What’s Happening

Check out what’s happening in student life in the posts below. Also, be sure to join the Community Life @ GBC Facebook group to stay easily connected with the latest campus news and events.

GBC Italy Tour

Grace Bible College is hosting a 9 day tour in Italy leaving the first week in May, 2017. This tour will be led by Dr. Kayleen Bobbitt, who recently received her doctorate in worship studies.

This tour will explore important Italian worship sites to experience the best ancient/historical Christian fine arts such as architecture, paintings, frescoes, mosaics, sculptures and more.
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Shark Tank 2015

An event unlike any Grace has hosted before, Shark Tank tested the waters at GBC. The room was lined with chairs and couches quickly filled by nerves and anticipation. The student body met in the Rec Room for an afternoon of ideas. In the background a 10 hour loop of the “Jaws” theme song played on and on; duh dum, duh dum… and snacks decorated tables. Bubbles floated up past the gray foam shark that swallowed up the TV and swirled around the fishbowl which held, Tank, our mascot. There were five large chairs lining the legendary blue stage with five “sharks” waiting to chew on the students’ ideas. Full Article >

New Students Arrived at Grace Bible College

Yesterday, September 3rd, GBC kicked off the 2015 – 2016 academic year with the arrival of our new students – both freshmen and transfer students. These students came from all over the country to complete their final paperwork, obtain their student ID, and if they are resident students, to move in to their dormitory housing. Full Article >

Grace Men Man Up and Do Manly Things at Man Day 2015

Bacon, sledgehammers, axes, dirt bikes, and general mayhem all made appearances as men at Grace Bible College reveled in manliness. Full Article >

Christian Ministry Profile: Gerald Asong, Drop Zone

“Someone volunteered and helped me - God sent His Son to die for my sins. That makes me feel like I should do something to help and serve others." Full Article >

Grace Bible College Women Enjoy Community with Spa Day, Fondue

Now an annual event, Spa Day gives women at Grace Bible College a chance to relax and connect. Full Article >

Students Enjoy "Finer Points" at Grand Rapids Symphony, Ballet

Over the course of the past academic year, Community Life introduced a new series of events called, “The Finer Points,” designed to offer students opportunities to experience cultural outlets in Grand Rapids. Full Article >

Grace Bible College Students Brave Wind, Snow, and Wipeouts on 2015 Ski Trip to Caberfae

A group of fifteen students and interns fit in one more day at the slopes before the Spring thaw at Caberfae Peaks Ski Resort in Cadillac. Full Article >

Grace Bible College staff and students get "The Dublin Experience"

During Christmas break, 14 students and faculty from Grace Bible College had an opportunity to visit Dublin, Ireland to learn more about the city’s history, culture, and heritage. Full Article >

GBC Goes West

Follow our Worship Arts team as they travel the beautiful Northwest and share with many Grace Gospel Fellowship churches. Full Article >

Spring Break Missions- Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is a beautiful place, but also an island in need. Over spring break, nine Grace Bible College staff and students traveled to Puerto Rico to help Camp Caribe build an addition that will help them reach more people for God’s kingdom. Full Article >

Joplin, MO home rehab work

Ally Rackley is serving with the Grace missions team in Joplin, MO. She describes some of the work they are doing in this post. Full Article >

Ministry Teams Leave for Joplin MO and Puerto Rico

Grace students are serving during spring break in Joplin,MO and Camp Caribe Puerto Rico Full Article >

Mission Trip 2013

March 2-9, 2013, seven Grace Bible College students traveled to Puerto Rico for spring break. While students from other Colleges travel to Puerto Rico, and other sunny destinations, for fun in the sun, Grace’s students traveled for work and ministry. Full Article >

Homecoming 2013 Highlights

Thank you to all who came out for this year’s Homecoming 2013. It was a beautiful weekend at Grace Bible College. The sun was shining as Alumni and friends headed to the college for an eventful few days. Full Article >

Intramural football 2013!

The Fall Intramural football season is well under way, and the men of GBC are working hard to battle to victory! This year is not dissapointing, as the teams seem to be even and competetive. As you can see, Dustin “Bubba” Paulsen takes his football pretty serious! While we have great Intercollegaite Sport opportunities, we also have a vibrant intramural program where anyone can sign up and enjoy some sports with friends! Full Article >

School Year starts off with W.O.W.

WOW, or week of welcome was a smashing success this year as we started off the school term with some great student events! The reasons for WOW was to have fun, help students to mix and get to know one another, and also to help students to get comfortable with GBC. On Tuesday, September 3, 2013 the week started off with River City Improv. On Wednesday, the students participated in the annual Pull-Apart event. Full Article >