• Week Two: Intramural Volleyball Results

    Kurt Classen of Team Dalhausser rises up to try driving the ball past the opponent, Off-Set.

    GAME ONE:  Serves You Right came out to play against Team Dalhausser in the first match of the day, winning the first game without much trouble after sophomore Abby Schultz was able to serve for almost half of their points on the game.  Team Dalhausser was able to hold a more competitive score for the next two games, but they still were unable to match Serves You Right's intensity, ultimately losing 3-0.

    GAME TWO:  Team Dalhausser avenged their first loss at the start of the day with a 2-1 win over Off-Set.  Off-Set was able to claim the second game of the match, but Team Dalhuasser was able to pull out a very competitive deciding third game.

    GAME THREE:  Although down a couple of key players this past week, The Staff Infection was able to pull away with a 3-0 win over Team Befus, in three highly competitive games.  Multiple kick saves on Team Befus' side were not enough to propel the team to victory, although they were very worthy of being on a highlight reel.

    Serves You Right:  2-0
    Team Dalhausser:  2-1
    The Staff Infection:  1-1
    Off-Set:  1-1
    Team Befus:  0-3