• Victory At Eagle River

    Coach Emily Brown spent this past weekend traveling over 9 hours to Eagle River Wisconsin to compete in the USA Hockey Pond Hockey National Championships. Friday’s wind chill dipped to -27 degrees, but her team (deriving from West Michigan) powered through the cold to finish the three day tournament undefeated and win their division. 

    "Once your skates hit the ice you start to forget about the temperature," She said, "It's not until after the game is finished that you realize your toes and fingers are numb and your sweat has already begun to freeze."

    Over 500 teams of men and women compete in this tournament every year on Dollar Lake. She added, "We hope to return to this tournament for as many years as we can. It's a blast to be surrounded by people who just love to play the game- winning is just the cherry on top."

    Congratulations Coach Brown!