• Team Snyd, Kickin' it with Jesus both remain undefeated

    Ryan Snyder looks to create some offense for Team Snyd.

    In the first of two games last night, Team Snyd was able to put together a quick run at the start of the second half to ultimately propel them to victory over the Ballers.  Ryan Snyder led Team Snyd with 7 goals, followed by Brandon Herlein with 3.  Michael Moran was able to put together a solid second half for the Ballers, scoring all 5 of his goals in the final period.

    Destiny Banasihan strikes the ball for the Kamikazes.

    In the second game, Kickin’ it with Jesus was able to keep their undefeated record intact with an 11-1 win over the Kamikazes.  Aaron Wienss led the winning squad with 4 goals, while Nathan Porter put the only goal on the scoreboard for the Kamikazes.

    Games will continue tomorrow (Friday) at 1:00, 2:00, 3:00, and 4:00 PM.  These will be the final games, determining the championship participants.

    Game 1 Goals

    Team Snyd – Ryan Snyder 7, Brandon Herlein 5, Cam Toliver 3, Josh Herlein 1

    Ballers – Michael Moran 5, Kenny Vernon 3, Vasa Kuiper 2

    Game 2 Goals

    K.W.I.J – Aaron Wienss 4, Drake Olson 3, Austin Olson 2, Jared Sanchez 1, Leo Caldas 1

    Kamikazes- Nathan Porter 1