• Intramural Champions: A Year in Review

    2013 Flag Football Champions:  "Discount Double Check"

    2013 Flag Football Award Winners:  (L-R) Offensive MVP: Danny Pierpont, GBC Heisman: Josh Befus, Defensive MVP: Joe Furno

    2013 Frisbee Golf Champion: Jake Blauwkamp (right), and Runner-Up: Anthony Beaulieu (left)

    2013 Sand Volleyball Champions:  "The Hit List"

    2013 Table Tennis Champion: Mark Sjoerdsma (left), and Runner-Up: Josh Befus

    2013 Basketball Champions:  "K2CLEAR"

    2014 Indoor Soccer Champions:  "Kickin' It w/ Jesus"

    2014 Indoor Volleyball Champions:  "Serves You Right"