• Florida Journal - Days 1 and 2

    Day 1:Marissa Pelletier

    The Lady Tigers woke up Monday hoping that our flights weren’t canceled. There were two different flights that we were on. One of the flights got canceled, but thankfully, they were on stand by and we all got on the same flight. We had an hour delay in the Grand Rapids airport. When we arrived in Minneapolis, it was negative twelve degrees and there was a wind chill of negative forty. I am happy to write that Debbie made it on her first flight! Our flight from Minneapolis to Tampa was delayed by three hours. We had a lot of time to get dinner and to explore the Minneapolis airport. When our plane arrived at the airport, we found out that the water was frozen on the plane because of the cold temperatures. The cold temperatures stood in the way of us getting to Tampa. Once we boarded, we had to wait for the tow bar on the plane to unfreeze. We had about a two-hour plane ride from Minneapolis to Tampa. About an hour into the plane ride, we experience a lot of turbulence; however, we felt safe in the hand of our pilots. One of the pilots was in the air force and we were assured that they would get us to Tampa as fast as they could. They said that they would fly the plane like they stole it. We were all eager to get to our destination. We arrived in the Tampa airport at 1am. We didn’t get to the beach house until 2:30am. It was a long and tiring day with all the delays. Most of us didn’t get to bed till 3am. We were grateful and blessed to make it to Florida because of all the chaos.


    Day 2: Katie Allers

    After a late, turbulent night of flying, the Lady Tigers slept in a bit, waking up to a relaxing first full day in Clearwater.  After breakfast, and an episode of the always-entertaining Maury Show, the team headed to Clearwater Christian College for a shoot-around.  With temperatures ranging from low to mid-forties, the majority of the team braved shorts, while puzzled Floridians looked on in their warmest clothes.  Following a nice trip to the gym, we headed to Chick-Fil-A for lunch, which would become a new favorite for many of us.  We headed back to the house, getting ready for our later game.  The team packed up the trio of minivans, and headed out on a ninety-minute drive to Florida College, where we would pull out a win by a ten-point margin.  Our win was celebrated with a dinner at Five Guys, devouring some burgers, and an abundance of fries.  Despite being a little chilly outside today, the weather forecast shows some warmer temperatures in the next few days, and our Lady Tigers heating up right along with them.