• Final Week of Regular Season - Intramural Volleyball Results

    Game #1:  Off-Set was able to keep every game very close, but could not take down The Staff Infection in the first match this past Friday.  The Staff Infection came away with a 3-0 win, heading into their second match-up of the day against Dalhausser.

    Game #2:  In a hyped match-up between the two teams that consist of staff members, The Staff Infection was able to come away with a 3-0 victory.  Dalhausser built a promising early lead in the first game, but after Community Life Intern Nichole Clark served 10 straight points, the Staff Infection was able to capture the lead and never look back.

    Game #3:  Off-Set took the court once again, to take on the last remaining undefeated team, Serves You Right.  Despite another close battle, Off-Set came up short in the end after twin towers Mark Sjoerdsma and Cameron Cramer were too much to handle.  Serves You Right took home all three games.

    Game #4:  Team Befus was forced to forfeit the game, as the majority of their team members were out of town, leading to another win for Serves You Right by default.