• Commitment Is a Choice

    GBC Volleyball pre-season is well under way. In the past two days, players completed pre-tests to measure their vertical jump, speed, and strength. 

    Last night, the team traveled to PowerStrength Training Systems to learn their new summer workout program. 

    This workout will greatly benefit our players. It will be challenging, but the team is committed and Coaches are confident they will see positive results of the team’s hard work in the months to come.

    The program emphasizes basic training progressions that increase in difficulty as the weeks pass. GBC Volleyball players will be spread throughout the country as they train, so it was important to have a program that is dynamic and doesn't just limit the players to a weight room. 

    When the team reconnects after summer break, they will be tested again in the same categories and the coaching staff is sure they will see improvements across the board.

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