It’s fitting this year, of Grace Bible College celebrating 50 years, that our first inductee, though in abscencia, played on the earliest teams in Grace history.  My first time playing basketball for Grace was the Alumni game of 1973, two names kept coming up, Bill Rigg and Terry Ericson.  There were two descriptions:  Big for Bill and the toughest competitor you’ll ever face for Terry Ericson.  I really didn’t know what that meant until somehow I found myself laying on my back trying to take a charge from a player that one official from the Big Ten in the 60’s said could’ve played for any team in the Big Ten.  No wonder, because Terry also played football for GRCC his last two years at Grace.   yet, perhaps his greatest athletic accomplishment, was Ping-pong.  Terry was the GBC Champion for 4 years.

    Terry was the first member of the 1,000 pt. club and after holding the record of 1,952 total points for 46 straight years, saw that record broken by Allen Durham last year.

    Terry still holds the highest scoring avg. at Grace at 36.7 ppg.

    He also holds the all-time record of 71 pts and 29 FG’s in one game.

    Terry served as Head Basketball Coach and Athletic Director at Trinity Christian College for 9 years after graduation.  He has been married to Jill DuClos for 45 years after meeting her at Grace.

    In a conversation with Coach Bailey, Terry expressed his love for GBC and the things he learned, “many of which I didn’t understand until later in life.”  Living in Florida, Terry along with Jill are active in their local church, and value the time spent with Family.