Dunking in college basketball was banned from 1967-76 but Dave Meier truly lived up to his nickname “Leaper” in practices and routinely stunned his teammates with his myriad of dunks.  He is listed as the first player at GBC to officially dunk in a game. 

    In his freshman year, the first in the Aldrich Athletic Center gymnasium, Dave was a significant force behind a 17-3 record which still stands as the best percentage in school history.  Dave was the third player in GBC history to exceed the 1,000 point mark finishing with 1,047 and until last season was 2nd on the all-time rebound list with 893.  This was quite remarkable with the team only averaging 22 games a season. 

    In Dave’s first two years, men’s basketball was a combined 34-8 which is still the best two year winning percentage in school history.  Dave was voted the team MVP in the 1980 season. 

    After graduation, Dave worked in the family business and was married to wife Debbie.  He has served on the Board of Directors at Grace.  He is active in his home church and is an avid supporter of GBC basketball.