Bill is the son of Sam and Becky Vinton and was born and raised on the mission field of Africa.  He played soccer at Grace from 1975-78.  Bill radically altered the way soccer was played at Grace.  He single handedly turned it into a skillful poetic form of competition.    

    Bill was voted MVP all four years he played.  Unfortunately, Grace was not a member of the NCCAA during those years or Bill would have certainly been a four year All American.  He set a school record by scoring 67 career goals and had 122 assists which still stands today.  At one time he held the school for goals at 21 even though he missed three games that season.  He still hold s the record for goals in a half with four.  After his soccer career was over, Bill coached the team at Grace for two years.   

    Bill along with his wife Sue has served in the mission field in Africa.  They have three daughters.