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Associate Level Courses


The Associate level business courses will help you become skilled in business and leadership. Students engage with experienced faculty and other students to develop practical business skills through our associate level business courses. The Business courses are for adults who want to equip themselves with a basic education in business related skills. Students learn from a Christian Worldview to ensure that the courses are morally and ethically grounded.


  • Experienced and highly rated faculty
  • A stimulating academic environment
  • Course groups of 10-16 students provide maximum interaction and support from instructors
  • Courses meet one night per week at the campus or 100% online in an efficient, accelerated program
  • Students from a variety of cultures and backgrounds

Admission Requirements:

  • Admissions Application (free to apply)
  • Official Transcripts (only if prior college credits are being transferred)


Course Course Name Units
GEN 123 Introduction to Leadership 3
BUS 110 Fundamentals of Business 3
BUS 230 Introduction to Finance 3
LEA 173 Communication for Leaders 3
ECO 205 Introduction to Economics 3
FIN 105 Personal Financial Management 3
BUS 230 Accounting Methods 3
HUM 233 Cultural Diversity 3
PSY 205 Organizational & Industrial Psychology 3
BUS 255 Fundamentals of Business Law 3
BUS 260 Global Issues in Business 3
BUS 275 Business Case Study 3