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What does it mean to be a leader with a biblical worldview?  Increase your effectiveness to impact your world for Christ personally and professionally through the Associate or Arts in Leadership & Ministry.  Pursue your calling. 


  • Experienced and highly rated faculty
  • A stimulating academic environment
  • Cohort groups of 10-16 students provide maximum interaction and support from instructors
  • Cohorts meet one night per week or 100% online in an efficient, accelerated program
  • Students from a variety of cultures and ministry backgrounds
  • Mentoring to help students identify their calling


The Associate of Arts in Leadership and Ministry is for adults involved in or preparing for ministry as a vocation or avocation. Students are challenged to think biblically about all aspects of life, develop spiritually in themselves and others, enhance their ministry skills and engage with the world. The curriculum mixes practical and theoretical knowledge through classroom work, research and classroom work, research, and real world experience.

Career Opportunities:

This degree is applicable in any career field, but it is especially designed for church and para-church ministries emphasizing leadership, preaching, teaching and general ministry skills, as well as for students interested in graduate school and seminary training.

Length: 26 months

Units: 63 units

Admission Requirements:

  • No Application Fee for Adult Students
  • Admissions Application, Official Transcripts, and Ministry Reference Form
  • Minimum 2.0 GPA


Course Course Name Units
Semester 1
GEN 121 Personal and Bible Study Skills 3
GEN 123 College Writing and Research 3
LEA 171 Introduction to Leadership 3
HUM/BIB 133 Philosophy and Worldview 3
Semester 2
MIN 161 Living the Christian Faith 3
BIB 141 Old Testament Survey 3
BIB 143 New Testament Survey 3
HUM 131 Introduction to Psychology 3
Semester 3
MIN 163 Sharing and Defending the Christian Faith 3
LEA 173 Communication for Leaders 3
HUM 231 World Civilizations 3
HUM 233 Cultural Diversity 3
Semester 4
THE 253 Fundamentals of Theology 3
MIN 261 Discipling & Mentoring in the Christian Faith 3
HUM 235 Literary Themes 3
HUM/THE 255 Introduction to Dispensational Theology 3
Semester 5
GEN 221 Exploring God’s World 3
LEA 271 Biblical Stewardship 3
MIN 263 Teaching the Christian Faith 3
LEA 273 Issues in Christian Leadership 3
LEA 279 Leadership and Ministry Capstone 3