Whether your calling is to lead worship at a local church or to travel as a musician, Grace Bible College's Worship Arts degree will help equip you to serve God in whatever capacity.



WA 111 Foundations of Worship –what is worship? This course lays the foundation for excellent leadership in worship by studying key passages in the Old and New Testaments. You will discover many core values of worship including service, sacrifice, humility, etc.

WA 321 Leading Worship –practical how-to experience of leading worship using your knowledge and abilities in music, theology, communication, media, etc.

WA 322 Songwriting for Worship –delve into the creative process by writing and recording your own original songs using Pro Tools, Reason, and Finale software programs.

WA 350 & WA 450 Junior and Senior Worship Programs –put your creativity into action by crafting unforgettable worship experiences with your friends.

WA 459 Worship Arts Practicum –an essential Worship Arts capstone experience for you in leading worship in a local church.


This four-course sequence will guide you from your current knowledge and understanding of music to a mastery of advanced music theory elements found within today’s music. Are you new to music? No problem. WA 112 Foundations of Music will help you lay a strong foundation by focusing on music essentials including notes, rests, keys, the musical staff, time signatures, chords, etc. Harmonic Practices I-IV will continue to dig deeper into music theory principles and provide practical application of your learning through original compositions in traditional and popular forms of music.

WA 112 Foundations of Music

WA 113 Harmonic Practices I

WA 215 Harmonic Practices II

WA 317 Harmonic Practices III



Develop excellent critical listening skills in this two-course sequence. Musicianship I introduces you to fundamental ear training strategies and Musicianship II ends with your ability to write out the melodies and chords to your favorite songs. To hear music accurately is an essential skill for you as a musician to be able to practice intelligently, rehearse a band efficiently, and lead worship competently.

WA 114 Musicianship I

WA 216 Musicianship II



WA 323 Music Technology –gain hands-on experience in multi-track sequencing, editing, mixing and score creation using Reason and Finale software programs.

WA 324 Audio Production –time to record, edit, mix, and master those once-in-a-lifetime performances using the industry-standard software, Pro Tools –Avid’s professional digital audio recording program.

WA 325 Video Production –capture and edit your creative movie-making efforts using Final Cut Pro –Apple's professional-quality video editing program.