MACRAO Degrees

MACRAO Agreement

Students who have completed the requirements of the MACRAO Transfer Agreement will be considered as having satisfied Grace Bible College’s general education core requirements in total.

MACRAO Agreement

Grace Bible College accepts a maximum of 60 transfer credits earned at a Michigan community college toward any of its baccalaureate degrees. The only exception to this policy is for those students wishing to pursue dual degrees offered in cooperation with our educational partners.

While the MACRAO Agreement can be beneficial to all transfer students, a baccalaureate degree may be completed in two years dependent on meeting certain course requirements for students in the following degree programs:

  • Human Service
  • Worship Arts
  • Early Childhood Education

In order to facilitate this process and to ensure students receive the greatest benefit, it is important for transfer students to consider carefully what courses are needed while enrolled at a community college. Failure to do so may prolong the time required to complete these degrees.

Contact the Registrar’s Office at Grace Bible College (616.538.0599) for further information about these requirements.