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Work is drudgery!

What is it that differentiates drudgery of task fulfillment from vigorously serving with enthusiasm? Full Article >

The "Last Minute" Anxious Scurry!

Isn't it amazing how the final days prior to a big event like a wedding, or a long-awaited vacation are an absolute whirlwind of activity? That is my best description of how our campus is during these last weeks of summer. Full Article >

I can hardly see it!

I have said, and have often heard others exclaim those words when looking skyward or toward the horizon to observe an object. I have also heard them when one is looking at a page in a magazine or book, hoping to capture a fleeting thought or concept. In both cases, there is a desire to transfer what is “external” through our eyes and into our mind. Aristotle is quoted as saying “the soul never thinks without a picture.” We long to visualize in our minds what it is being discussed. A lack of clear vision -- both individually and corporately -- will always result in hesitancy, misunderstanding, and will impede decisive action and cooperation. So, what is vision, really, and why is it so important to all of us? Full Article >

Swinging so eyes were closed!

On Monday night, we held our annual “GBC Night at the Ballpark.” It was a great time of reconnecting with friends and partners of the College. We had almost 200 guests, and praise God for the funds raised for student scholarships. It was a fun family time on a warm summer night in West Michigan – even though our Whitecaps Team did not win! Full Article >

The Hole-in-One and Divine Intervention

I love the game of golf! I recently traveled up north with a great group of Christian men to enjoy the beauty of Northern Michigan along the shores of Lake Michigan as we played some beautiful courses. We laughed, played, and spent time in God’s Word led by my good friend, Pastor Rob Renberg... Full Article >


I cannot help but scratch my head in wonder and be dumbfounded when I see how often we fail to let God's blessings motivate us for even greater faithfulness in service! I see how God has blessed Grace Bible College, my life, and my family in the past, and how He is blessing us now, and it inspires me to serve Him with greater vigor, being even more generous with that which God has blessed me! ... Full Article >


I am so tired of trying and trying to get things going only to have another obstacle or difficulty arise! I give up! I give in! I hear the Omnipotent God of all creation responding with a smile in His voice – “Good! I have wanted this opportunity!”... Full Article >


“He makes me feel so inferior when I’m around him.” Have you ever said that to yourself? There are those extremely talented people who make me feel as though I shouldn’t even open my mouth, say what I think, offer a thought, sing a note, or any of the other many things I do with wonderful mediocrity! We all know people like that, don’t we? ... Full Article >

Homecoming 2014 Highlights

We honored three remarkable GBC Alumni. Gretchen Johnson, Director of Nursing at Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services, where she founded the Mother and Baby Progam, Tommee Proffitt, Producer, Songwriter, and Recording Artist, and Al (and Jeannie) Wolf, long time dedicated, active and supporting partner(s) with Grace Bible College. Full Article >