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Mid-Summer Classic

During these warm days of summer Major League Baseball teams take a short break, and some of the top players (chosen by fans, players, and managers) prepare for the annual All-Star Game. This event is often thought of as the signal of the middle of summer (or the mid-point of a long baseball season!). A lot of commentary is offered up regarding the surprises and under-performances of players and teams at this mid-way point. Full Article >


In the midst of summer, many of us will travel. Whether it’s a trip to local parks, the lake, or a trek across the country to visit family and friends, everyone enjoys a time of great refreshment and relaxation.

For our students, it is also a valuable time. We praise God for the many students who take summer vacation time to serve in various ministries around the US and around the world. Full Article >

This is what we do!

We have all heard that saying, over and over again (usually in reference to "saving money on car insurance!"). At Grace Bible College we recently celebrated our seventy-first annual commencement ceremony. Throughout the weekend of graduation events, more than 120 graduates shared their incredible stories of how their lives were changed by their time and attendance at Grace Bible College. The stories were abundant – telling of ministry experiences, studying together with friends, and the rich insights gained through mentoring relationships with faculty and staff... Full Article >

The End is Near!

Like me, you have probably seen someone carrying such a sign or shouting loudly while wearing a sandwich board as they proclaim the message that the world is approaching a very abrupt end…or at least, a much unanticipated interruption. (But now that I think about it, I have seen those signs for over 40 years now, so the end wasn't as near as predicted!) Full Article >


I met a very nice man dressed in a sharp suit in the Administration Building yesterday. After learning his name I asked him what brought him to Grace. He told me he was an “ambassador.” Before he could add that he was an ambassador of the Grand Rapids Chamber of Commerce, I replied with great enthusiasm, “So am I!” Full Article >

Choosing Thankfulness Even in Sorrow

So many times during the month of November we seek to encourage people to look around at all their blessings and abundance and stop to thank God and show appropriate gratitude. It often seems we are like the little child excitedly opening presents when our mother stops us in the midst of our indulgence in the gifts—reminding us to thank the giver. Full Article >

Grace Grads are Serving Effectively

I just returned home from a visit to the East Coast, and am thrilled that I can report firsthand to you how God is using GBC graduates in our world. My wife Kathy and I visited Long Island in New York, and fellowshipped at Eastport Bible Church, which is pastored by Jerry and Deanna Olson (both are 1984 GBC graduates who previously served for many years as missionaries in Bolivia). Jeremy and Laura Herr (both 2004 graduates) are serving in the youth ministry and student outreach. Full Article >

Work is drudgery!

What is it that differentiates drudgery of task fulfillment from vigorously serving with enthusiasm?
Full Article >

Grace Bible College Commencement 2015

On April 24, Grace Bible College graduated the largest class in our history. We rejoice and are amazed at God’s grace as our number of graduates continues to grow. Upon graduation, these men and women, prepared to serve Christ in church and society, are ready to embark on a new journey into God’s plan and purpose for their lives. Full Article >