Ken Kemper is the current President of Grace Bible College, and he has been serving in that capacity since January of 2003.

Grace Bible College (GBC) began in 1939. It was founded as Milwaukee Bible Institute, a training center for laymen and Sunday School teachers of Milwaukee. The Institute was organized by Rev. Charles F. Baker, then pastor of the Fundamental Bible Church. The regular day school program began in 1945.

This move was stimulated by a group of evangelical pastors especially concerned about advancing the dispensational approach to the Bible, the distinctive character of the Pauline revelation, and the preparation of full-time Christian workers to fulfill this goal.

In 1953 the curriculum was broadened: Milwaukee Bible Institute became Milwaukee Bible College. In 1961 the College was moved to suburban Grand Rapids, Michigan, and renamed Grace Bible College.

The school has grown from a three-year Bible Institute to a College that includes two-year and four-year programs. Alumni from the College are active in service and ministry around the world.