About Grace

Grace Bible College seeks to develop passionate servants of Jesus Christ by personally educating students in an educational program which emphasizes the integration of biblical truth, ministry experience, and character transformation. This emphasis pervades the entire campus as the College strives to cultivate a caring learning community where Jesus Christ is exalted and students are equipped for serving the needs of church and society.


Graduating Godly Individuals Prepared to Serve Christ in Church and Society.


Bible Centered
Grace Theology
Ministry Focused
Transformational Relationships


By 2016, Grace Bible College will be an excellent biblical university of 1000+ diverse students impacting the world according to their God-given callings.

Female student in class reading


Each degree program at Grace Bible College consists of three major components: general education courses, biblical and theological studies, and a vocational major.

  • In each area of study, students are exposed to essential concepts and skills for their major.
  • They are equipped through instruction and significant learning experiences.
  • They are empowered as graduates to utilize this knowledge and skills in their future employment and service.
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The College strives for educational outcomes that embody its commitment to the intellectual, vocational, and spiritual growth of its students. These outcomes include the following:

  • A deepening knowledge and understanding of the Word of God as taught from a mid-Acts dispensational perspective.
  • The ability to communicate effectively in oral, written, and culturally relevant forms.
  • The increasing capability to think both critically and creatively as evidenced in the ability to understand, apply, analyze, and evaluate concepts and beliefs.
  • An expanding awareness and appreciation of man’s social, emotional, historical, ethical, and physical development, and its implications for ministry.
  • A growing proficiency to successfully utilize the applicable knowledge and skills in one’s chosen field of study.
  • A commitment to service within the context of the local church and the expanded Christian community.
  • A Christ-centered lifestyle and belief system that seeks to integrate biblical truth with all matters of faith and practice.