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    5 Months until the 2016 soccer season!

    Five months remain until the start of the 2016 women's soccer season! Wednesday night off-season workouts continue until then. Contact Coach Scott Teesdale if interested in joining a workout at Full Article >

    Track and Field Coming to Grace Bible College

    Grace Bible College Athletics is excited to announce that, starting next year, GBC will be fielding its first ever track and field team. Head Cross Country Coach Gerry Verwey will be coaching Grace's inaugural outdoor track team. After the successful year the cross country team had, the announcement that Grace will be offering track and field next year has the campus buzzing with excitement and possibilities. Full Article >

    Volleyball - Week 1 results

    Photo album link and results from the first week of intramural volleyball action... Full Article >

    Spring Break- GBCVB Edition Vol. 2

    Spring Break Highlights From GBCVB Team Members Full Article >

    Alumni Highlight: Thomas (Tom) and Jean (Gephart) Foulkes

    A friend invited Jean to attend the 1948 GGF Convention in Ashtabula, Ohio. Jean was impressed by the MBI Choir, directed by Wayne Webb and decided to attend MBI.
    Tom’s father was saved at the Pacific Garden Mission in Chicago and attended a Bible Class taught by J.C. O’Hair. When his father realized he was considering going to a local Bible College, he strongly urged him to attend MBI since it was associated with Pastor O’Hair. Full Article >

    Recent Graduate Testimony from our AOE program, Christie Love

    My journey to becoming a college graduate and Grace Bible College alumni was one with many twists and turns. I enrolled straight out of high school as a traditional student at another university. I was pursuing my “inside the box” plan for my life: getting a degree in elementary education. It seemed like a safe and predictable path to be on and in many ways, it was a path I was expected to be on. My parents, my grandparents, and several aunts and uncles were all in education. However, by the end of my second year of school I knew that I had no desire to be a teacher. Full Article >