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    Meet the Newest Lady Tiger: Meagan Pifer

    Meagan Pifer, originally from Calvary schools of Holland and now transferring from Kuyper College, is the latest recruit to join the Lady Tiger basketball team. Meagan, a 5'10" forward, has 4 years experience at Holland Calvary where she played all positions. Her ability to play all positions will be a great help to the Tiger team the next 4 years. Full Article >


    Excellence. Always a good habit to have! Full Article >

    Men's basketball kicks off the off-season with some friendly competition

    The 2015-16 men’s basketball team held a team building night last Thursday, with seven returning players joined by eight new faces. Full Article >


    I cannot help but scratch my head in wonder and be dumbfounded when I see how often we fail to let God's blessings motivate us for even greater faithfulness in service! I see how God has blessed Grace Bible College, my life, and my family in the past, and how He is blessing us now, and it inspires me to serve Him with greater vigor, being even more generous with that which God has blessed me! ... Full Article >

    An Acorn that Changes Lives

    What happens after an acorn is planted in the ground? It begins to grow and experience its full potential. Now consider what a mature oak tree could have in common with your future. The acorn is an excellent example of how one small act can multiply potential in size, scope and impact... Full Article >

    Grace Cross Country Signs David Green From Shelby, MI

    David Green, a Shelby High School runner with a 17:50 5K personal record (PR), has made the commitment to run for the Tigers in 2015. Full Article >