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    2015 Cross Country Season Begins

    August 10th marks the first day of a new season of cross country for Grace Bible College, but this season will look very different than years past. A number of new and exciting changes await this year's cross country team, the first of which is a more competitive and challenging meet schedule. Full Article >

    The Power of Choice

    Life is full of choices, and the ones we make today directly affect the larger story of our lives… including how we spend our money. Exercising Biblical stewardship is acknowledging that everything we have comes from the Lord, and being faithful with the resources He’s entrusted to us. Full Article >

    Coach Renzema Works With Young Players

    Coach Rich Renzema spent the last week working with youth in the Standale area. Standale Reform Church runs a sports camp featuring many activities, such as Volleyball, Lacrosse, Karate, Soccer and Basketball. Coach Renzema has been working with the youth in this area for many years. Full Article >

    Local talent, Heather Vander Woude, inks with GBCVB

    Meet GBCVB’s Fourth Incoming Freshman Full Article >

    A Glimpse of Grace Basketball's Ministry at Round Lake Camp

    Current Grace players Bernard Smith and Conner Crawford joined head coach and athletic director Gary Bailey and assistant athletic director and former player Cory Jamieson at Round Lake Basketball Camp last week in southern Ohio. See this article for a short glimpse of what their week looked like down in Lakeville, OH! Full Article >

    I can hardly see it!

    I have said, and have often heard others exclaim those words when looking skyward or toward the horizon to observe an object. I have also heard them when one is looking at a page in a magazine or book, hoping to capture a fleeting thought or concept. In both cases, there is a desire to transfer what is “external” through our eyes and into our mind. Aristotle is quoted as saying “the soul never thinks without a picture.” We long to visualize in our minds what it is being discussed. A lack of clear vision -- both individually and corporately -- will always result in hesitancy, misunderstanding, and will impede decisive action and cooperation. So, what is vision, really, and why is it so important to all of us? Full Article >