Intramural Sports

Intramural Athletics

Intramurals at Grace give all our students an opportunity to participate in fun and competitive athletics. Participants can stay up-to-date through our web coverage, live interviews, webcasts, and game articles. With a wide variety of events and sports, Grace Intramurals is a unique experience offering something for everyone.

Intramurals Offered
Flag Football   Sand and Indoor Volleyball   Indoor Kickball
Ping-Pong   Frisbee Golf   Tennis
Basketball   Dodgeball    

Final Week of Regular Season - Intramural Volleyball Results

Last week marked the final week of regular season match-ups for the Intramural Indoor Volleyball season. Seeds are now locked in for this week's championship tournament, with Serves You Right earning the #1 spot. Full Article >

Week Two: Intramural Volleyball Results

Another Friday has past, and three more intramural volleyball regular season matches are in the books. Only one team remains undefeated after two weeks of play. Full Article >

Round 1 of Intramural Volleyball Scores/Results

Serves You Right (W, 2-1) vs. The Staff Infection Dalhausser (W, 3-0) vs. Team Befus Off-Set (W, 2-1) vs. Team Befus Full Article >

Intramural Indoor Volleyball Schedule

See article for this session's indoor volleyball schedule. Full Article >

Spring Intramurals: Indoor Volleyball

Indoor Volleyball will begin next Friday, March 21. The Sign-Up deadline is Wednesday, March 19th. Please note the rules and team guidelines in this article before signing up. Full Article >

Indoor Soccer Tournament set for next Friday - March 14th.

The Intramural Indoor Soccer Tournament will be played on March 14th, beginning at 1:00 PM in the Aldrich Athletic Center. Full Article >

Team Snyd, Kickin' it with Jesus both remain undefeated

In the first of two games last night, Team Snyd was able to put together a quick run at the start of the second half to ultimately propel them to victory over the Ballers. Ryan Snyder led Team Snyd with 7 goals, followed by Brandon Herlein with 3. Michael Moran was able to put together a solid second half for the Ballers, scoring all 5 of his goals in the final period. Full Article >

Kickin it with Jesus moves to 2-0 with win over Ballers

The Ballers were matched up against Kickin’ It with Jesus Tuesday evening, in a game that would be competitive throughout. The game started off with freshman Vasa Kuiper scoring the first two goals of the night for the Ballers. Kickin’ It with Jesus quickly fired back, with Drake Olson punching in a goal. Full Article >

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